Event catamaran for 80 people

Exclusive events are quite common today and this leads to looking for new places to do them. This is why having the services of an event catamaran for 80 people is an excellent solution.

The catamaran consists of a stable structure of two hulls mostly driven by engines and a skeleton that holds the two hulls together.

events catamaran

This makes it much more comfortable for travel and much more stable. This guarantees customers greater safety. In addition, it is much more balanced than other event boats.

For this reason, if you want to have a small and quite exclusive party, we recommend this boat, which serves to move up to 80 people from one place to another while receiving the best event of all.

And, at the same time, it allows you to enjoy the different natural landscapes close to the sea according to the route that the boat has to take.

With this boat it will be possible to have a great event, with security, stability, exclusivity and many luxuries, in the sea. For this reason, it becomes the favorite of high society to be considered as the perfect place at sea to develop the best events.

These boats were designed to support a fairly large number of people, so it can be considered as something quite exclusive. However, compared to other larger capacity boats, this is a very specific catamaran for smaller events.

Boats that are characterized by their stability and luxurious design
With this boat, the specialty of each of the events is guaranteed. Because it presents the facility of a fairly large and comfortable area for guests. In addition to the luxuries of its structure and design.

And it even offers to go at a high speed across the sea and the best maritime destinations in the world. It is for this reason that it is the right choice when it comes to innovation.

Characteristics of the boat
Excellent quality service and trained crew.
Length up to 17.78 meters.
Beam that reaches 8.80 meters.
Manufactured in 1997.
Capacity of 80 people that does not include the crew.
2 motors of 50 HP of the Mitsubishi brand.
Speed up to 8 km/h.
A water and fuel capacity of up to one thousand four hundred liters.

Travelling on the catamaran will guarantee your guests an experience that will take them to the best corners of the world. While enjoying at the same time, the most outstanding and exclusive events that can be offered.

With the rental of this boat you will get the best services and you can choose a crew of qualified professionals to provide a great experience.

And if we talk about the rental price of the catamaran, can exceed 4,000 €, are the best option for a fast, exclusive and comfortable event with the best services.

So, do not wait any longer and hire the services of this catamaran that will take you to travel the best coasts through https://barracudaibiza.com/

Stainless steel hinges for boats

A hinge is as important as the element it holds. The stainless steel hinges for seat assembly are a very functional basic element that ensure that the installation of the chairs is ideal and backed by an article of excellent quality and at a good price.

Why is it necessary to have good hinges?
It is essential, for safety reasons, but also for reasons of comfort that the seats of a boat have high quality hinges that guarantee their support and stability against possible sudden movements due to winds and tides.

bisagras marinas

The elements used in boats should always be made of highly resistant material, as in this environment the artifacts and articles are more susceptible to deterioration by environmental factors such as saltpetre, wind, humidity and others. That is why this set of hinges has been manufactured in materials of high resistance and stainless steel, which ensure a longer life for themselves and therefore also for the seat.

The furniture of your boat deserves to be installed with elements of first line, to guarantee a structure and lasting construction and a clean finish and without possible defects as it can be a badly installed seat or oxidized or loose hinges. The stainless steel hinges that you will find at https://barcos.online allow the installation of folding seats on the boat, to enjoy the best comfort during navigation. In addition, its structure based on highly strong and resistant materials guarantees that it will remain in tension for a long time, which will avoid problems such as broken or fallen seats that are also an uncomfortable problem, quite unsightly for the appearance of your boat.

Details and specifications
Set of hinges 230×250 mm in stainless steel for mounting seats in nautical spaces.